It is a period of galactic struggle. New competition is disrupting the automotive industry, which is facing life or death challenges. A war for talent and technology rages across the solar system.

During the battle, Toyota Motor Corporation, DENSO, and Aisin have created a new company, TRI-AD, in order to face these challenges head-on. The TRI-AD team is moving to a new Rebel Base located in Nihonbashi, and will launch its Teammate technology into the market in the coming year.

As the battle rages, TRI-AD is crafting a powerful Software Platform offering new hope and a bright future of safe, freedom of mobility for all in the galaxy...



"Become a world-class technology company
and build the safest car in the world."


Automated Driving
AD Core Technology
AD Development
AD Embedded Software
AD Mapping
AD Projects
AD Recognition
Automated Mapping Platform
Basic Software
Business Development
Data Annotation & Labeling
Data Collection
Data Management
Driver & Passenger Monitoring
Finance & Accounting
Function Validation
Geo Application
High Performance Computing
Human Resources
Independent Verification & Validation
Information Systems
Infrastructure Engineering
Lane Keeping
Lane Planning
Legal & IP
Machine Learning Tools
Object Recognition
Process Kaizen
Product Design
Project Management
Public Relations
Recognition Integration
Recognition System
Road Recognition
Safety & Emergency
Simulation Platform
Simulation Research
Software Architecture
Software Configuration Management
Software Education
Software Integration & Testing
Software Platform
Strategic Planning
System Requirement & Architecture
Tech. Admin. & General Affairs
User Experience
Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
Vehicle Following

Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Research Institute

Powering automated driving technology inspired by
machines from long, long ago...